Professor Jenny Doust is currently the Professor of Clinical Epidemiology in the Centre for Research in Evidence Based Practice in Bond University (0.5 FTE) and works in general practice half-time. She was a member of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (2008-2012), the Economic Sub-Committee of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (2005-2013), and Therapeutic Guidelines (Cardiovascular) advisory group (2011-12). Professor Jenny Doust is a member of the advisory group for the National Prescribing Service and the editorial board of Diagnostic Imaging Pathways.

Her research areas of interest are improving the use of diagnostic, screening and monitoring tests in general practice.

Professor Jenny Doust has published 82 ISI listed articles, with an average citation rate of 21 (average in health services research is 4 and in internal medicine is 9), including in BMJ (9), PLOS medicine (2), Archives of Internal Medicine (1) and MJA (9). She has also presented invited talks for the:

* International Laboratory Clinical Chemists Scientific Conference in Grainau, Germany
* Royal College of Pathologists Australia scientific conference
* Sydney’s School of Public Health
* Melbourne University School of Population and Global Health
* St Luke’s International Hospital annual scientific meeting, Tokyo, Japan.

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