After a BA in Architecture and an MSc in Community Health, France Legare trained in family medicine and has been a practising physician in Quebec city since 1990. She is also a full professor in the Department of Family Medicine at University Laval. In 2005, she obtained a PhD in Population Health at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of Dr. Annette O’Connor. The same year, the Fonds de la recherche en sante du Qu’bec (FRSQ) awarded her a clinical research grant for her program entitled “Health professionals in primary care: from knowledge brokers to decision brokers.” In 2006 she was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making in Primary Care (Tier 2), and in June, 2016, a Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation (Tier 1). Since 1999, Dr. Legare has been director of the Cochrane Centre at the CHU de Qu’bec Research Centre/University Laval, a branch of the Canadian Cochrane Network.